I expand the language of drawing in sculptural space.

In site-responsive installations, I deploy a variety of synthetic materials to invade, interpret and confound the architectural parameters of a given space. My constructed drawings foreground the same internal formal and conceptual contradictions: cohesion and fragmentation, balance and vertigo, minuet and jitterbug. Areas of visual commotion impinge on the paper’s edge and transpose my investigations into folded, punctured, torn and layered zones of marks. I sometimes incorporate photographic images of installation details, thus cannibalizing and reformulating my concerns from one medium to another.

My great interest in film, particularly the uneasy territory of film noir, informs the work.

My aim is to choreograph events of perceptual incident and psychological dis-ease. My hope is that this conflation of disparate parts—mark, shadow, geometry, gesture, concord, dissonance—results in some sort of vertiginous whole.

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