"Chroniques" is a project of publisher Gervais Jassaud/Collectif Génération--a collaboration of poet Claude Minière and artist Gelah Penn. The edition comprises seven unique books; each is housed in a turquoise cloth clamshell cover. A selection of pages from three of the books can be seen below.

I saw the project as a layering of diverse systems—Minière’s poetry, my fractured translation of it, the wonderfully eccentric printing of the folios, and, finally, my own contribution. Much of my work consists of sculptural patches of dried acrylic paint, string and plastic mesh adhered to the pages of the books, interacting with Minière's words. My intention was not to illustrate, but rather to respond to particular bits of evocative language, e.g., “riverrun,” “la danse,” “la rupture.” Minière employs a good deal of wordplay, which I tried to answer with my own sense of visual whimsy. GP


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